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General Knowledge

Nonporous & Stain Resistant: All of our products are nonporous and stain resistant, meaning that it will not grow mold, mildew and bacteria. This is why many hospitals and restaurants choose solid surface.

Renewable & Repairable: We have the ability to renew your counter tops and repair them. This meaning we can make them look as good as new.  We can do this with either a repair with color match material or a resand.

Flexible & Versatile: Almost all of our products are able to be heated and bent to conform to the needs you want.

Seamless & Integrated: Almost all of our  products can be completely seamless. Also we offer intragrated sinks for a clean and sterile environment for no bacteria  or dirt to be trapped in a crevice.

Heat Resistant: Our products are heat resistant, but we highly suggest the use of hot pads and trivets we supplied you to be used.

Warranty: All of our products have a warranty, but yes some have a longer warranty then others.

Questions & Concerns: Any questions and concerns can be answered either on our website, Facebook page, or via email.


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