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The Process

Digitally templating

We use Laser Products  L2D3D   system to digitally template your job to help make a better process.

            Behind the scenes process that we go through to give you your dream Kitchen, Bathroom, Bar, and much more. It will normally begin with either an email or phone call to co owner Rob. When colors are decided on we will do a template and make sure of all the other details. We will make sure the sink and mounting procedure is what the customer wants  along with edge detail  and other options. We template every job to cut down on time spent on site with trimming or modifying counters and to ensure  your product fits properly. This also means less mess in your home. We digitally template with Laser Products system since  March 2018.

             After we template we will start the fabrication process. This is where we will take sheet goods and transform them into your dream Kitchen, Bathroom, Bar etc. The sheet goods will come in 12'x30"x1/2" sheets. With this said the fabrication process can take some time. We normally try to take no longer then two weeks to get your home projects done.

             During the fabrication process co owner Jeff will contact you to set up an install date. We try to give you plenty of notice, this way we can fit into  your schedule.  We want to leave your home as clean or cleaner then when we arrived. We are normally quick, clean, and polite. Once the install is complete Rob will invoice you.  This invoice will also be your proof for any warranty related issues . Please put this in a safe place so if there was ever an issue we can get you started on the warranty process and  fixed  as soon as possible . When all is done we ask you to like our Facebook page and leave a comment about your experience with us. 

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