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Particulate colors

In the image we have the color oat offered to you by Corian. Particulate colors are traditional colors. They will add a brand new look to your living space. With these colors we are able to do straight seams. A lot of these colors are seamless. Where you can never find the seams and it looks like one continues top.

Illumination Series

The Illumination series is a series of colors unlike any other colors. All of the colors in the Illumination series can be backlit  like  the picture. You can change the appearance with different light colors or levels of lite . The surface can also be routed to change the thickness  for different lighting effects.  

Solid colors

We also offer solid colors like the one in the picture. With the solid color products you can get that modern or classic look. The waterfall edge is always a unique and interesting look.  These solid colors always go good as window sills because over time a solid white or grey  will never go out of style.

Veined Material

The veined material is a very popular material. It can be a material harder to work with due to the fact that there is veining  or directionality running through out the material. With this material instead of doing a straight cut for seams on the top we will do a wavy seam to try and blend material together. The veined material we offer can mimic the marble or granite look. 

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