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           As seen in the photo this is a crack in a counter top. We believe this crack is from heat and a improperly fabricated counter. This crack came from a drop in stove not having support blocks in the corners and no aluminum tape around the opening.  Fabrication techniques  and  procedures have been modified over the years to try to cut down on warrantied problems.

          We will set this jig up and back bevel an opening for our repair. It is important that our bevel is set up to the right depth so you do not ever feel or see the repair. We will route this out with a router.  We will also use a router table for the new piece going into the repair hole. This process can be messy, but we will make sure we clean up when finished. 

            Here is our finished repair. As you can see from the photo there is no longer a crack. Also you cant see a color difference because we used color match material.  We reinforced the corners and put our aluminum heat tape down to prevent any damage in the future.  

          In this photo there is a crack. The crack is very hard to see in photo, but the crack is inside the black square.

          Here is the hole we cut in to the  top to fix the crack. The hole is cut with a bevel bit to ensure a tight fit. The other piece we fit into the hole will be cut with a bevel the opposite way.

          This is a photo of the piece of material being glued into the top. We use the pieces around the outside to level our material on the repair and make it faster and easier to sand out. This will also minimize the chances of seeing or feeling the repair.

          Here is the finish product. As you can tell from this photo it is pretty amazing the size of hole we can put into a top and fix without you ever being able to notice.

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